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Saturday | October 24 | 2020

In June, only 6.3% of total tourists in Poland were foreigners

In June this year, 1.3 million tourists were accommodated in tourist accommodation establishments in Poland and 3.6 million overnight stays were provided for them.

Compared to June 2019, this was lower by 63.6% and 61.1% respectively.

In the total number of tourists accommodated, domestic tourists accounted for 93.7% (1.2 million) and the foreign ones for 6.3% (0.1 million).

Compared to June 2019, this was lower by 57.2% and 88.6% respectively.

The tourist accommodation establishments were most popular among guests from Germany,
who constituted 45.3% of all foreign tourists. There were also many people from Ukraine

A decrease in the number of tourists was also recorded in July 2020, compared to the corresponding month of the previous year. The number of persons accommodated was lower
by about 34.7%, according to estimates.

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