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Sunday | September 27 | 2020

iGenius launches the virtual advisor to the U.S. market

Following 20 months of growth across Europe, iGenius, the creator of, a virtual advisor for business data, announced its expansion into the U.S..

This market expansion coincides with the early access launch of the new crystal.

As the CEO moves to the U.S. and opens a New York City office, the company will invite select companies to become early access users for the new crystal.

Crystal is an augmented analytics advisor that combines sophisticated understanding of business data and jargon with a seamless conversational and humanized user experience.

The platform allows any user, regardless of analytics training, to extract value from their business data stream and receive direction when making data-driven decisions.

Putting siloed and complex data into one conversational interface, crystal answers questions and gives data-based insights via voice or easy-to-read data stories.

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